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  1. Hey You! Yes, you!

    Posted 08/08/15 ~Hannah~ 0
    ~Hannah~ avatar

    I'd love it if you messaged me c: I love meeting new people <3 Read More »

  2. The Voice

    Posted 08/04/15 xXxRuexXx 0
    xXxRuexXx avatar

    So I am super excited because my mom finally agreed to let me audition for the voice. I was thinking I could start posting videos on youtube and see what people think. I used to be so scared of singing in front of people but after seeing Christina and how far you have come I knew that maybe I could do it to. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!! BTW Christina you are so amazing... Read More »

  3. ThePianoTurtle avatar

    Hey guiise! I am a huge gigantic mega large big fan of christina just like the rest of you. She has inspired me to do something musical so i took on piano about a year ago. I just started lessons but ive had some self knowledge over the year and i have a few videos up of me playing on youtube. If any of you could check some of them out, i will love you all!! >>> ??? >>>... Read More »

  4. Back on....

    Posted 06/28/15 NerdyGirJJ6 0
    NerdyGirJJ6 avatar

    So it's been a while since I've been on this website. i feel bad but I had to go through some tough times. I've made it through though! I've changed a little personality and mentally. I just hope this new me is the better me Read More »

  5. Ou džíí

    Posted 06/21/15 Doyourbest 0
    Doyourbest avatar

    To be onest :D I feel like I was sleeping. Anyway it feels realy interesting and motivating to log on Christina's site after few years. I have read what i Have wrote here before 4 years. And it realy freaks me out :D Many things have changed, but some things never changes, thank god. I love music so much I cant even describe, I love my guitar and I love my family and that is what matters. I've... Read More »

  6. Vespilla avatar

    Just a otaku who likes listening to Christina :) Read More »

  7. EnriqueLuvsGrimmie4 avatar

    Right now i am currently rawkin out to some Stonesour,i know i am truely here on this site but i must tell you all what i like music wise its totally awesome,gonna keep rawkin heavy metal style till i die,Slipknot,Hollywood Undead and most of Christina grimmie Grimmie! 4Ever! Read More »

  8. Long Time No Post

    Posted 06/03/15 Abbygail 0
    Abbygail avatar

    It's been a long time since i posted in here. So many things have already happened. I saw her in personal though I didn't get to see her up close. Someday, though, I wish. When she comes back here in the Philippines again. To Christina... I am so depressed right now and I'm listening to your songs again. You really inspire me so much and whenever I listen to you I get cheered up even... Read More »

  9. zeldax lover fan

    Posted 06/01/15 Ciara_Dawn 0
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    Omg Christina has been killin it, im like on a total obsession tonight of her songs. Read More »

  10. Hi

    Posted 06/01/15 JCROSE 0
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    Hello! It has been a while since being on here how is everyone? Read More »

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