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    hey everybody!!! i totally forgot about this website until tonight when i was playing league, and somehow afterwards ended up on a page about Christina playing league and it was a blog from here, so i decided to reset my pass and log back in. last time i was on here i remember it being green and black, and then it changed to a maroon color and now it's purplish-grey! crazy how it changed... Read More »

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  3. Omg

    Posted 10/18/15 morgan singer 1
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    Why do I keep forgetting about her website!?!?!? Any how just an update I'm still here and alive. And I'm loving grimmies new single "shrug". MUST DOWNLOAD!! Read More »

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    Herrow me frandom amigos!! I never thought I'd be back here wow. I still do not know what the hell this is really for but if anyone reads this, HI!!!! Confession: I have been so busy I have been neglecting Grimmie updates and I suck so much gosh all my studies are killing me, Okay now bye!!! Just wanted to know who was still on here xxxx Feel free to add by the way I... Read More »

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  6. Shrug :)

    Posted 09/21/15 Lizzete 1
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    When you had enough gotta hit 'em with the shrug :D Read More »

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    I am currently to my playlist called Emo Songs,it is awesome the songs i picked are great,Their is Slipknot Panic at the disco and many more Killpop is the first song that comes up in the playlist,its on my Scene Kids Profile on,i go to it all the time by now you could probably tell i am emo and goth! Read More »

  8. Hi

    Posted 09/03/15 Geo88 0
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    Christina you are the best!!!!! I want to meet you please !!! Read More »

  9. Hey You! Yes, you!

    Posted 08/08/15 ~Hannah~ 0
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    I'd love it if you messaged me c: I love meeting new people <3 Read More »

  10. The Voice

    Posted 08/04/15 xXxRuexXx 1
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    So I am super excited because my mom finally agreed to let me audition for the voice. I was thinking I could start posting videos on youtube and see what people think. I used to be so scared of singing in front of people but after seeing Christina and how far you have come I knew that maybe I could do it to. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!! BTW Christina you are so amazing... Read More »

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