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  1. Because of You

    Posted 07/13/13 3

    I've walked through hell. I've known true pain. I've been depressed. Wanted to end the game. It's true, life hasn't been what I expected. I'm making it through although I feel neglected. All my heartache. All my shame. I attribute to you. Why did you knock me down time and time again? Don't you know that I'm a fighter? I'm motivated by the hate you aim at me. Feeling sorry for me only does... Read More »

  2. Don't be so blind.

    Posted 05/19/12 2

    What do I have to do to make you see? You are what I want and I am what you need. I could be your structure. Steady as a rock. Don't write me off. Let me prove myself. Maybe you don't need me. Maybe I need you. Either way there's no reason for us to be alone. I could save your soul and you could save my life. Don't give up on love just yet. Give me a shot. Let me capture your heart. Read More »

  3. Closure

    Posted 05/06/12 0

    Clarity is all I want. Explain to me what went wrong. I don't want your lies. I don't want you back. Was I too thin? Was I too fat? What happened to make you leave just like that? What did she tell you? The one I was traded for? How can you pretend like we weren't once us? Smooth sailing to rocky seas in a hearts beat. Save your excuses. I cried all my tears. Tell me why you left. Confirm all... Read More »

  4. Cutter's Lullaby (Not mine)

    Posted 12/26/11 0

    Go to sleep and close your eyes, And dream of broken butterflies That tore their wings against a thorn. You know the pain that they have endured Silver metal shine so bright Scarlet blood that feels so right. Dream of that blood trickling down, And wake up just before you drown. The moonlight shining off your tears As you bleed out your worst fears. So tonight when... Read More »

  5. New 11/5/11

    Posted 11/05/11 2

    Do you ever feel like drowning? Or floating in the air? I just need to take a minute to gather what is real. Just give me a break, hand over my mind. Someone must be controlling me lately cause' this isn't who I am. When will I get back to who I was? I don't wanna be afraid to face each and every day. Save me from myself before it's too late. I'm loosing myself, loosing myself in this world... Read More »

  6. Fragile Heart

    Posted 10/27/11 2

    Just to be honest this isn’t what I had planned no it want my intention I know fallin’ for someone like you could take me back to another stupid heartbreak. Right now I’m not sure if this is wise but I’m gonna try. When it comes to love I stay reserved cause’ the worst part of fallin’ is when you hit the ground. No I don’t wanna hit the ground. Oh no, not again I’ve been there... Read More »

  7. This is a father?

    Posted 10/26/11 2

    I’d love to have you understand exactly what you’ve done to me. I told you once and I’ll say it again but this is the last time. So if you really wanna’ know it’s time to listen up. The saying says I can only trust you but that’s impossible to do when all you’ve done is caused the tears and confirmed the fears. You could never keep that bottle away from your lips long enough to... Read More »

  8. Is reality truely real?

    Posted 10/21/11 3

    We wake up everyday and go out into a world full of people. Tall, short, skinny, fat, ugly, beautiful, fake and "real." I've come to find out that the people we think to be the most real are in all actuality just flawless actors. They are the people who you think care about you will never hurt you ultimately in the end are the ones who hurt you the most. The thing I wonder each and every day as... Read More »

  9. What is in my head?

    Posted 10/21/11 0

    1. Why is it that the person who use to be your best friend completely ignores you now? Five year of friendship mean nothing to you I guess. 2. New people? Can they be trusted.? Are they worth the disappointment they can bring? 3. Forgiveness isn't a easy point to reach in life, especially not when you've been through what I have. 4. Things do happen for reasons, most of which go... Read More »

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