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  1. Call of Duty

    Posted 07/30/13 1

    FINALLY GOT IT AHAHAHAHAAAAAHHAHAHHA :D And Killzone 3..... I loved my mum's face when I showed her both.. but since she's the best mum in the world, she pretended the age limit didn't say 18 xD Hehe. Read More »

  2. I am so upset

    Posted 05/02/13 5

    I am so ****ing upset. So so so so upset. I just... The husband of one of the nicest and most joyful teachers in school died. Correction: He was murdered. Cycling home. These two cars speeding. I don't know, trying to see who was the fastest? One hits him I guess. Do they stop? Of course not. She was one of the best teachers ever. I don't understand how.... Read More »

  3. In case

    Posted 04/28/13 3

    In case any of you might need this: There's a YouTube channel just for sad songs. I wasn't feeling sad yesterday, but I downloaded a lot of the ones they uploaded because the lyrics were pretty good. Just putting that out there. :3 Read More »

  4. Today was a sad day.

    Posted 04/25/13 5

    I kinda didn't do well on this Chem test... and that kinda made me cry. Then I read a sad manga story... and cried. A lot. Weeped actually. I'm not sure if I was crying because I felt stressed out and burdened with the pressure to do well in school... or if I was crying because of the story. Could be both. Not loud crying. Silent tears. Didn't want anyone to hear me in the... Read More »

  5. Advice... :3

    Posted 04/19/13 2

    So... I'm in 11th grade, going off to uni in about a year. There are two countries I'm applying to: the US and Canada. I don't know where I should go.... Canada is pretty awesome, but it's also so so cold. I'm not used to the cold AT ALL, and I just don't want weather to make my life miserable in college. :P The US is cool and all, but it's also quite unstable.. at least... Read More »

  6. :D

    Posted 01/03/13 8

    Have not blogged on here in AGES. How is everyone? Read More »

  7. On Wednesday...

    Posted 09/13/12 0

    First of all. Tuesday was 9/11. So, yeah. I can't even talk about it, I really hate thinking about that day. Moving on. Wednesday I decided to "work out" in the morning with my friends at school. I didn't think it would be that bad. How foolish I am. It was hell. I am in so much pain that I can't walk properly, not to mention that walking down the stairs is a whole other form of torture on... Read More »

  8. So like..

    Posted 09/10/12 2

    I like really like hate English like I mean like it's like the like worst like subject like ever. I swear, gosh I like really wish I like didn't have to like take it like like like like like like.... *cough* I really don't enjoy English. Lord save me. Read More »

  9. Soo...

    Posted 08/10/12 0

    Started school on Thursday, and yeah.. In 11th grade now, and obviously the work is harder.. All I can say is that I miss sleeping in till 11AM, and playing video games for most of the day... *sigh* Read More »

  10. Tumblr anyone?

    Posted 07/28/12 0

    Does anyone have Tumblr? Here is mine: I am so bored, and randomly feel like following anyone who follows me... :P Or just send me your tumblr url ^.^ Read More »

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