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  1. hey all !

    Posted 05/07/15 1

    First of all ...PRINCE HARRY CAME TO MY UNI TODAYYY AHHHHH Secondly HEY GUYS !! THIRDLY, look in my bio for some valuable info ...there is a reward I promise!!! FINALLY, THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY Love you guys!! PS I'm kinda sick of it saying that there is a problem with my submission and not telling me what Read More »

  2. Been awhile !

    Posted 07/12/14 0

    Hey all! Finally able to log back in again!! So for the newcomers I've been a member of this site for almost 4 years! So nearly the beginning of this Grimmie fan base! So I guess I should update you all on whats been happening- My best friend who I told you was my boyfriend - still is my boyfriend! But he has moved 8 hours away from home to go to uni :( but we are still going strong!... Read More »

  3. Whoop whoop

    Posted 10/29/13 8

    SO guess what? After liking my best friend for a year, i finally spoke up about my feelings to him And now i have a boyfriend :) Im quite happy :) Read More »

  4. HSC

    Posted 10/08/13 0

    So im officially in Year 12 doing my last year of school !! it kinda sounds a bit scary haha but for my music hsc i decided to do over overthinking you by the one and only christina grimmie, hopefully it will all go well and maybe sometime ill post a video on youtube and show you guys fingers crossed it all goes well!! Read More »

  5. Tired

    Posted 09/02/13 4

    Im like dead tired and im sick :( i have to study for my exams though unfortunately, i have my year 11 major exams next week and im sick! im stressing out !! also im having one of those days where i just feel really angry for no reason and idk why emotions are killing me! i guess i got rejected by a boy on the weekend so maybe thats why im a little upset haha oh well life goes on... Read More »

  6. Heey!! :D

    Posted 08/16/13 10

    just a random blog to say heeeeyyy how are you all ??!! comment on my blog just cuz you can and i know i know its hard not to so go ahead comment, message me, or even comment on my wall! i need new friends :) Let the socializing begin!!! :) Read More »

  7. Hey guys! So i need some help My best guy friend met a girl but have never met face to face, although its not what you think, they are just good friends, they go to different schools and text and call each other all the time I have talked to her and texted her in the past too, but not that much Lately she has barely been talking to him and when he asked if they were still friends she... Read More »

  8. Name

    Posted 07/04/13 2

    So i decided to change my name to my real name! Yes, my name is not actually Caity Bella Lee I only used that cuz parents didnt want me revealing anything But hey i trust you all This is me. The real me! Read More »

  9. Relationships

    Posted 07/01/13 3

    They can be so confusing!! Mixed signals or none at all...still trying to fit my head around this! Relationships are complicated and confusing agreed? Read More »

  10. So heeeey guys!! Well after I tell my teacher that my friend and I want to perform we are going to go to the Westmead Children's Hospital! (For those who dont know its a hospital that cares for a lot of sick children, parents/other people can go to but its mainly for kids with really bad illnesses such as cancer) It think it will be fun to lighten up their little faces ! :) Also next... Read More »

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