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  1. Well......I'm back!!!

    Posted 01/22/13 4

    After over a year of not logging on, I have come back to my fellow Team Grimmians! It's good to be back too. I've missed you guise :') Message me if you want to talk! I love people and am always here for anyone who needs a friend or just someone to laugh with! Read More »

  2. Ooooook so let's post random stuff and see if any of it ends up on the next Above All That Is Random:D Read More »

  3. Ok so I've played this game on other forums and it is pretty fun:) One person starts telling a story and then the next person adds to it, and then another and so on. Everyone is limited to five words. You don't have to use up all five, but the limit is five. Usually these stories get do be pretty funny, so TEAM GRIMMIE let's put our randomness skills to work shall we? lol I'll... Read More »

  4. For Points

    Posted 12/21/11 639

    so I've decided that I'm gonna start this "contest for points". I know I'm not gonna win cuz I just joined like a month ago but hey, it's worth a shot lol. Read More »

  5. Do you have any hobbies or interests? do you like to read, play video games, or play instruments? go ahead and post below! Read More »

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