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  1. Vote for Me!

    Posted 08/27/12 0

    Official Team Grimmie facebook page have this CG T-Shirt design competition and would be grateful if you liked my shirt!! Vote by clicking Like My Design Thank you!! Read More »

  2. Tumblr users ATTENTION!

    Posted 07/02/12 0

    I created a Tumblr account and I want You to POST your Blog url to this message so I can start following you! My Blog is about music, hope you follow me too! See ya in Tumblr! - Sam Tumblr: Blindspot Review Read More »

  3. Two New Tracks are released in Electro House Playlist, Blindspot Media! If you are a True Electro or House fan, you should check them out! Chris Crawford - Helios The track Anzo - Colossus The track Channel: Blindspot Media Read More »


    Posted 06/28/12 1

    Blindspot Media released an other BADASS Track on their Channel!! Culture Code is a pair of 19yr old guys from Birginham and are rising rly FAST! Their New Track "Into The Dark" will be also Released on STOP OUT RECORDS! Click the Link and let the Bass flow through your head! The Track: Culture Code - Into The Dark The Channel: Blindspot Media Read More »

  5. Hey everyone! I created a new Youtube Channel where I promote Unknown but Great aritsts from all Genres. Also those who make cover songs! Please at least check it out, share the videos and give me some feedback! Channel: Blindspot Media Video from Drey K Drey K Read More »

  6. The realistic maneuver

    Posted 12/18/11 0

    I've been kinda busy lately, a month in military service and 2 nights of that at home. My last 8 day maneuver ended 2 days ago in the western Finland. Yeah, 8 days in cold n' dark woods with little food. There was snow about 20cm and snow storm the first 2 days untill it started to melt. Despite the extreme weather we started our shooting camp right away we arrived. I just couldn't... Read More »

  7. Some Grimmie stuff!

    Posted 10/17/11 2

    Hello fellows! I decided to post here some of my work where Christina is somewhat a "topic" there :D Feel free to check out all of them! Music: King of thieves remix Her E.T cover to my beat Images: Wallpaper 1 Poster Wallpaper 2 Just a picture Read More »

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