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  1. Over This!

    Posted 03/27/12 1

    So I have been stuck on some people for a loooooooooong time. Finally today, I realized to be happy with who I'm with, and stop daydreaming about something that will never happen. If I wanted it to happen that badly, I would've done something about it. But I have an amazing guy in my life, that I would love to keep. I was worrying about something stupid. What I wanted is not worth it,... Read More »

  2. So I've been on here for about a month when I noticed I didn't have any friends, but 1. Soooo I went to go and try to get some friends. But so far, no one's replied. Oh well. Since I am on the official Christina Grimmie website, I've had her songs stuck in my head! Grrrrr. I like her music, but I need to get her out of my's strange. But anyways, no one will probably read this, so... Read More »

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