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  1. Turn your Facebook and Twitter profile pics purple at Your text to link here... SHARE this graphic to spread the word! Read More »

  2. Today

    Posted 10/18/12 0

    Today I'll go to English class, and then watch the movie Ted. Read More »

  3. Today I went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, great movie, was also produced by Tim Burton, loved. Read More »

  4. 10 Months!!!!

    Posted 07/22/12 0

    Wow, it's been ten months since I am a member, doesn't seem that cool Read More »

  5. Meu Quarto // My Room

    Posted 06/08/12 0

    Graças a Deus, meu quarto está terminado, só falta pintar, estou pensando em pintar o simbolo do Zelda em uma parede igual a do quarto da Christina, iria ficar legal, nas outra eu iria desenhar nelas todas, só pensando por enquanto. se tiverem ideias podem falar. Thank God, my room is finished, you just need to paint, I'm thinking of painting the symbol of Zelda on a wall just... Read More »

  6. Rain

    Posted 06/08/12 0

    So good in this cold, stay at home four days doing nothing just watching movies and playing video games, thanks rain. Read More »


    Posted 05/30/12 0

    I've been thinking these last days, about what I will do in my future, I have many questions about what career I choose, I've thought of doing astronomy but do not like chemistry, I might make direction, music or photography, I don't know, but it's good I have another year to make that decision, I hope I've made up my mind to it. Read More »

  8. Paintball

    Posted 05/19/12 0

    Tomorrow I'm going to play paintball, I'm excited. Read More »

  9. Carnival

    Posted 02/22/12 0

    This was the best carnival I've ever had. Read More »

  10. School

    Posted 02/08/12 1

    Back to School was not what I expected. Read More »

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