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Posted 02/16/12 By: Ana_Vallan

Hey guys: 3 What's up? Who out there has an account on Youtube?
Hahaha, well I did a new account on Youtube a few days ago, and well, I have no subscriber: (
Well, I have not posted any video but soon I'll start posting videos of me singing :)
Hahaha, as Christina is my idol, I want to start that neither she began; Posting videos on youtube :)
So could you, Team Grimmie, legal and cute, help me? Help me realize my dream? Hahaha, please: 3
Thank you for everything, kisses :)

Youtube Account - Annabeth921
"Will you accept my friend request?"
Yes :)

  1. KonverseCid avatar

    On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 5:58 AM, KonverseCid said:

    hey! :) i subscribed to u on youtube

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