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  1. What to do for summer...

    Posted 06/21/12 2

    OK, so..some people are out of school...others not so much.. My question is, what to do for summer? I'm not planning on doing anything big, but I certainly don't wanna be stuck at home doing nothing. So what are you guys doing for summer?/What have you done so far? Maybe I can get some ideas from you guys. Read More »

  2. OMGEEZ OOH MM GEEZZZ!!! My dear Watsons, by my title, can you tell what movie I saw the other day?? 0_o hmmm? Well, I'll tell you, simply cause I'm too impatient. I SAW SHERLOCK HOLMES A GAME OF SHADOWS THE OTHER DAY AND IT WAS SO FREAKIG AWESOME I COULDN'T, WOULDN'T TAKE MY EYES OF THE SCREEN FOR FEAR I MIGHT MISS A SMALL YET KEY DETAIL!!..AND I NEED TO TAKE A BREATHE BEFORE I PASS... Read More »

  3. To blog or not to blog? That is my question...? O_o...ok, I had like 4 1/2 of soda today...and I'm HPURR!!! Lol, I had this crazy dream with shakespeare's Romeo and juliet play in it, and I woke up feeling British-y...is that even an adjective? Lemme rephrase that, is that even a word??? I hope it is, or I should really drop out of the spelling bee..if I was even in it! Ok, now I'm ranting..if... Read More »

  4. The Orabrush...

    Posted 10/26/11 2

    HA! Ok, i was looking up "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida, and this commercial popped up! And guess what it was about? It was about the Orabrush. But the guy in the commercial was funny! He was all dressed up like a Professor saying what some kinda phobia was. And he said it was about having a fear of bad breath. But he said he's not concerned about himself having bad breath, but other people... Read More »


    Posted 10/11/11 0

    SO EXCITED!!!! I get to go to VIKATHON tomorrow!!! Its basically where a whole diocese (not gonna say which diocese [bc of stalkers]) of students go to a certain school (not gonna say which school [bc of stalkers]) and do a whole bunch of outdoor activities! And we get to meet future students in mah grade that will go to this certain school (you already know why) . SO, now i can't... Read More »

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