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  1. So Proud of you Christina

    Posted 05/21/14 1

    Although you didn't win the voice Christina, you won so much more out of the voice. Everyone in the top 8 or even 10 deserved to win. Everyone had great voices and so much talent. You were the best in my opinion (shhh don't tell Josh that). But you won great friends like Bria Kelly. And on top of that, you got signed to Adam's record label! You've come so far ever since your first youtube... Read More »

  2. The Voice

    Posted 05/11/14 2

    Oh man I have butterflies for Christina. There's 5 people left and 4 people to boot out in order to find the winner. I'm hoping it's Christina. I want it to. Cause she darn well deserves to win for her mother. She's just so great. Team Grimmie Rawwks! \l/ Read More »

  3. The Voice Season 6

    Posted 02/20/14 1

    Guess who came in like a wrecking ball! That's right! Christina Grimmie! Read More »

  4. I'm Back!!

    Posted 02/11/14 0

    Hey guys! How ya'll been? It's great to be back ahah :P Read More »

  5. Oooooh! Pretties!

    Posted 07/26/13 1

    *stares at the new look of CGofficial* ooooooh Read More »

  6. Lookin' Pretty Neat

    Posted 05/04/13 9

    How do you guys like the new home page? :P Read More »

  7. Find Me A Cappella

    Posted 05/02/13 1

    Christina just posted an a cappella on her fb page and dayum it's pretty good. Read More »

  8. 2 Years

    Posted 05/01/13 5

    Hah, I just realised that in about 5 months, this site will be 2 years old! We should eat virtual cake then. :P Read More »

  9. The title knows all. And all it shall know is that. How ya'll doing? Read More »

  10. Ponies Ponies Ponies

    Posted 08/12/12 3

    Thanks to some chick I met on Minecraft, I am now a brony >.> Ponies Ponies Ponies! Princess Celestia rules Equestria! And you all go nawww to Fluttershy's cyuteness XD Read More »

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