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    Posted 12/22/11 6

    CLICK HERE FOR THA VID.:D Its a video I made for our Grimmian family.I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. Read More »


    Posted 11/11/11 15

    soooo.. sarahpie10&i invented a new month..cuz today its 11/11/11 and next year will be 12/12/12 , but then its done! :'( we wanted another year so we invented a 13th month :D SO NOW IT CAN BE 13/13/13 :D our month is called weirdember. =) there are the holidays in it: 1th weirdember : JAIMEE IS COOL DAY. 2nd weirdember : JIEBERS B-DAY 3th weirdember : charmas day 8th wierdember :... Read More »

  3. NEW COVER! :D

    Posted 11/04/11 8

    YAYYAYAYAYY! christina just posted her new cover! :D I really love it! but i love everything cg does so... haha :p [url=] Read More »

  4. 1000 POINTS! :D

    Posted 11/02/11 38

    OMFG! eguhoizbjsjnk qnkpnl qlkcj vcqnjkqofnjkqfknvsq i just got 1000 points! im so happy haha. even though no one knows why we have to earn points but yeah... :) SOOOOO.. how many points do u have? :) Read More »

  5. WOAAA I JUST LOVE HER TO MUCH! :) I THINK IM GONNA DIE! TROLOLO :) she has come sooo far! :) omg. HAHAHAHA. comment with some awesome vids of cg i could watch! :D cuz om boreedddd :) Read More »


    Posted 10/21/11 466

    Jaimee , Jordan , Mario & I are QUADRUPLETS YAAAYY! :D Azn is our daddy and josh is our mommy,and she likes male strippers a lot ;p THEYRE A VERY HAPPY COUPLE! :) DANIEL IS OUR DOG & Barret is our crazy cat ! ;D Chris is also in our family,but we haven't decided what is he yet ;) && BRENDA IS THE AWESOME PURPLE COW WHERE WE CAN FLY ON! we even have a creepy little hobo in our yard... Read More »


    Posted 10/19/11 21

    YAAAYYY!! IM SO HAPPY! wanna know why???? :) CUZZZzzzzz i met the most AWESOME grimmians on the PLANET! YAAAY PLANET!YAAAY ALIENS! :D omyygosshhh peeps, I LOVE OUR UNOFFICIAL CHAT! :D WOOT WOOT I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH! mwhehhehee ;) Read More »

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