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  1. I used to love coming on here, but now everyone is gone! I also used to love the Tiny-chat on here! This site used to be so much fun until practically everyone disappeared. It was so enjoyable! I don't go as much as I did before, but I remember coming on to this site a lot. Maybe if they updated and promoted this site more, more people would go on. Read More »

  2. Hey! I haven't been on a long time and I decided to get on again. I clicked contest and I saw that it said recent winners. So i was just like O.O. Some person blogged about how she won and that it was called the Coca Cola contest. So, what is it? I'm just curious. Like, what happened? Read More »

  3. There's wayy too much spam on it. I know you some of you guys think the games are fun and all, but there's also the same games on many different forums. The games are just getting annoying because you guys are just doing it for points. At first I thought they were cool, but now I'm seriously annoyed. Now what's wrong with that? First of all I didn't make the forum so long ago. Second, I... Read More »

  4. 12 hours of sleep! I don't know why in world I was soo sleepy. I don't need that much sleep -_-'. Read More »

  5. I don't find this site as fun as it was before and I think this site needs moderators. There's way too much spam. The point of points ae for fun and soon maybe prizes. This was mentioned in customer support. Yes, FUN. Not, SPAM. I mean look at the forums. People can't even put something in the right place. Its so unorginized. Yeah, I started ranting about this realizing the spam is increasing... Read More »

  6. I got 3 needle shots today!

    Posted 10/25/11 8

    I'm a pretty happy person after taking them. It didn't hurt at all. One of my friend's fainted and 1 of my best friend's had to be held down by 3 people and puked. A lot of people went home too. Along with that, lots of people cried. Read More »

  7. Wow! Time goes fast. Read More »

  8. I feel happy with my hard work XD. Read More »

  9. Chat back up? Or not...?

    Posted 10/14/11 9

    I'm was pretty happy when I saw the chat back up. So,I deicied to click it, but then it said "404 Page not Found." So, it was true they were fixing some bugs. Hopefully the chat will be back up quick. Read More »

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