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  1. Touring

    Posted 05/25/13 4

    Christina is gonna be on tour with selena. Are any of you going to any of the concerts to see christina? i am :D im going to the one in brooklyn on october 16th :) Read More »

  2. Random 6

    Posted 01/16/13 4

    Okay sorry i havent been on in a while it wouldnt let me sign in :c but anyways who watched random 6? omfg its amazing I got green pants and can not lie say hey hey hey goodbye my coconut taught me how to fly <3 what do you think about it? :D Read More »

  3. Christina's Privacy

    Posted 12/12/12 6

    I thought i would write a blog about this because so many people arent respecting it....christinas privacy. Some people are sharing her personal pics its actually annoying me now because i asked multiple of people to take them down on facebook,twitter,and here please dont share her personal pics she wants privacy how would you feel if someone was sharing personal pics of you? I think team... Read More »

  4. Its Been A Year

    Posted 10/09/12 4

    Ok ok hi guys i know its been a while but omg guess what........its been a year this website has been up for!! :'D Ive met so many wonderful frands.Thank you to christina for making this amazing site if it wasnt for her i dont know where i would be.And if it wasnt for Lauren none of us would know about Christina thank you lauren Read More »

  5. GUYS IM DOING A PROJECT I WILL LET YOU GUYS KNOW MORE ONCE I GET STARTED BUT I NEED YOUR HELP SO CHOOSE A PIC OF CHRISTINA IT COULD BE ANYY PIC YOU WANT THEN EMAIL IT TO AND WRITE SOMETHING TO GO WITH it something you would want christina to see :D OK? im pretty sure christinas gonna see it but it might take a while hahaha but its not gonna be a video :) ? Read More »

  6. 3 Years!!! w^.^w

    Posted 07/16/12 4

    132 videos, 306,163,401 Video Views, 1,630,005 Subscribers, 287,077 Followers on twitter, 55,641 followers on instagram, and 1,155,360 likes on facebook in 3 years Christinas first cover that she put up was Dont wanna be torn.That is impressive but i cant thank lauren enough for making christina put a cover up because if she never did i wouldnt have so many wonderful frands and everyone... Read More »

  7. Elf Princess

    Posted 07/08/12 4

    Ok so im bored and just want to let you guys know im making a story and Christina,Skrillex,and Link is gonna be in it.Christina is gonna be a elf princess ok well im off to continue it then ill post it here hahahahahahhaha *Grimmie Salute* Read More »

  8. Christina will always be known as zeldaxlove64 and our elf princess.People say they miss christina sitting in her bedroom playing a piano and singing.Its not like shes just sitting around doing nothing she just recently went to New York City and performed,she was amazing i went there and she performed a new song called ''Cry Wold'' i love the song and she was talking about how shes still... Read More »

  9. Random :P w^.^w

    Posted 06/15/12 1

    1.........................2....................................3..........................WE LOVE YOU CHRISTINA GRIMMIE AND ALWAYS WILL.WE WILL SUPPORT YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO.TEAM GRIMMIE SHALL LIVE ON AND CONTINUE TO BE RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. w^.^w Read More »


    Posted 05/27/12 4

    When Christina changed her hair back to black everyone started asking which color do you like best on Christina? its seriously hard for me to choose.Omg yesterday like I always do I go back from the first cover Christina did and I watch mostly all of her covers and videos and when I was watching ''Everytime We Touch'' by Cascada cover by Christina and I was like hmm Ive seen that scarf before... Read More »

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