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  1. christmas wishes?!

    Posted 12/08/11 1

    Alright y'all, I don't know about you but I love Christmas! So i know I'm early but comment and tell me what you want for Christmas! merry christmas! Read More »

  2. problems? comment.

    Posted 12/03/11 2

    comment if you have a problem or rant and you want everyone to hear about it, if you do i will for every comment i get. Read More »

  3. for ilaughatyou!

    Posted 11/30/11 2

    Topic: Tacos. Or just food :D Just to start off, i love food. i eat all the time , no joke. When it comes to tacos, i immediately think of Taco Bell. Taco Bell is amazing and it has the best tacos ever even though i normally get the flatbread sandwiches there cause those are AMAZING. So overall i love food, tacos and Taco Bell. food&&tacos Read More »

  4. for i am charles!

    Posted 11/30/11 2

    Topic: Something that involves penguins and muffins. ^.^ Recently i went to see Happy Feet 2, and it was amazing because i love penguins and the movie was adorable. haha and for Christmas i want a penguin pillow pet! So yeah.....i like penguins alot cause they're cool and adorable. I like muffins a lot as well, back in middle school i used to get an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin everyday at... Read More »

  5. for faithlovemusic18!

    Posted 11/30/11 0

    Topic: what does "love" mean for a teenager? what is a teenager's attitude/feelings towards love? alright so my idea on this is that if you get REALLY LUCKY you will find teenage love. Other than that, it probably isn't love even if you think it is. and if you find yourself saying "i lovED him/her" there was probably never love there in the first place because love is basically... Read More »

  6. any topic or anything you want me to write about and i will blog about it! COMMENT YOUR TOPICS Read More »

  7. committing suicide?

    Posted 11/28/11 2

    Okay, so last night i was kind of just sitting and thinking about stuff while on facebook. I used to love facebook so much more than i do now....i don't know if it is just my town that is like this but i seems like EVERYONE bases popularity off of facebook. How many like you get on a status, picture, wall post, etc. Or how many comments you get on a picture. Anyways, i decided to... Read More »

  8. planking/owling?? >:|

    Posted 11/25/11 7

    for those of you who don't know what planking is PLANKING: : planking is when you go to a popular public area or road side and lay down on your stomach, hands by your side and basically look like a complete dumb ass. i don't know if any of you have gone planking, but if you have, please explain to me why it's fun? i honestly don't see what could be so fun OR FUNNY about laying down in a... Read More »

  9. if you really knew me....

    Posted 11/24/11 13

    has anyone ever played if you really knew me? if not, it's basically a fun way to get to know other people. haha it sounds dumb but i am super bored and i think it would be fun to get to know some of you just cause y'all seem chill and we all have at least one thing in common! we all love christina grimmie. anyways, i think it would be cool to see what y'all are like in a non creepy way. how... Read More »

  10. rumors suck.

    Posted 11/23/11 0

    believe me, i would explain myself if it wasn't such a waste of time cause no one listens. people refuse to hear the truth because it is simply not good enough. the lies and games are too much fun not to believe. the worst part of rumors is when your "friends" question you. i'm done explaining myself to my "friends" because if they're my true friends, they wouldn't question me they would just... Read More »

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