rumors suck.

Posted 11/23/11 By: hannahhhhh

believe me, i would explain myself if it wasn't such a waste of time cause no one listens. people refuse to hear the truth because it is simply not good enough. the lies and games are too much fun not to believe. the worst part of rumors is when your "friends" question you. i'm done explaining myself to my "friends" because if they're my true friends, they wouldn't question me they would just know. they would know what happened and what the real story was underneath all the lies and fake details slapped on top of it.

rumors aren't all bad though. they do some good. they show you who your real friends are. the one's that don't question or judge or second guess. the one's that can see the truth because of the look in your eyes and they are immediately there to stand up for you. rumors aren't anything to cry over or get worried about. as long as you know where you were and what you did, that's all that matters. and even if only one other person believes you. no matter what, everyone is forced to face the truth at some point and they'll feel dumber than skank that told them the lie.
cry over cuts and stitches, not liars and bitches

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