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  1. Tumblr

    Posted 04/23/12 2

    If anyone even goes on here anymore, would some of you mind checking out my tumblr dedicated to Christina? and tell me what you think of it. It's probably best viewed in Google Chrome and Firefox. Click Here C: Read More »

  2. Super Happy !

    Posted 04/05/12 2

    I know this is a bit personal, but this week I had my interview with Natcoll (a school/course I applied for) and I got in ! >_ I'm really happy that I got in, the lady who interviewed me loved my drawings and think I'll do great in the course. I'm learning Digital Media and Animation, and my course is called iCreate. I start in June, so I still have about 2 months of holidays. Wow.... Read More »

  3. Christina's Birthday !

    Posted 03/10/12 0

    As you all know, Christina's birthday is coming up soon. I made a special blog, for her special day. Where you, Team Grimmie. Can submit anything you made for her, or anything you want to say to her (Photos, Videos, or just a simple text message). Spread the word . Get Christina to see that page, so she can see how much Team Grimmie loves her by reading, watching anything that you guys... Read More »

  4. Socializing.

    Posted 11/11/11 8

    I honestly really like talking to people on this site, it's so much fun and it makes time go by so fast. :3 I've talked to a lot of nice people in just the last 24 hours. Team Grimmie Rules ^.^ Read More »

  5. Spammers

    Posted 11/03/11 58

    This spamming for points is getting really annoying. It's stupid and it's ruining this site. Soon the popular blogs are just going to be stupid blogs, filled with pointless comments and annoying people. I want the top blog to actually have legit comments, not comments like, fgnjdgkin. OMG POINTS ~ OMFG MORE POINTS ~ MORE ~ WHO CARES They should make a limit on how many times... Read More »

  6. Even if you don't have a tumblr, it would help with your opinion please. ^.^ Okay so I asked my followers on my Grimmie blog if they would prefer me to keep my old layout, or to make a new layout and I would change it next month if that's what they wanted. But I don't think I will get any responses from them or not enough. So honest opinions. Keep, or not. Click Here... Read More »

  7. School Drawings.

    Posted 10/26/11 4

    Yeah I know, I said I was banning myself off this website, but this is my 10minutes on it for today. Anyways, I was in social studies and I was quite bored so I was randomly like, imma draw Christina, so I did this anime type of drawing of her. It turned out quite nice even though it was in pen and yeah. I can take a picture and post it if you guys wanna see it. Oh, and with my art... Read More »

  8. Homework.

    Posted 10/24/11 4

    Okay so I'm like banning myself off this website for the next week, like I have a limit of 10minutes on it each day. I have to do my art homework or i'll lose 12credits. So i'm off to do 3 pieces of work now. I CANNOT SLEEP UNTIL THEY'RE DONE. Also, my friend was crying her eyes out today because of her boyfriend and I was like, oml I'm terrible at comforting people and I just wanted... Read More »

  9. Oh wow, two blogs in one day. But I wanted to post this before I completely forgot about it. Anyways, I know a few of you people have met Christina before. If you have you should post in your grimmie experience/s and share it with other fans. I have a tumblr that is connected to my main CG blog, which is sort of filled with some grimmie experiences. I started it around 2 months ago... Read More »

  10. School.

    Posted 10/23/11 2

    I go back to school tomorrow, which is extremely lame, and bad on my behalf. I was supposed to complete most of my art board these school holidays and I've done barely anything on it. Eek But in good news I only have 2 weeks of school (I think) left before I have study leave. Which I won't study, I only have 1 exam though. I might do some art today. Hmmm Read More »

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