Playing It Right

Posted 08/22/12 By: NichelleOnline

Ok... I messed up big time but yu know thats not gonna stop me from enjoing my life I hoestly see that my heart didnt belong with him anyway but you know most girls cry when there best guy friend or boyfriend says good bye... not me almost did until I wrote all the things I did to him and the things he did to me into a deep poem and now im going to burn it. Now I bet whyy you ask why did you title it as play it right?... becus Im not gonna cry over someone I hardly liked so hey he meant nothing to me he was a Liar lair.
Liar Liar Dont cry on my shoulder
You played with fire and smiled when
you told her-r, wahoo oh oo wow
thought you were someone
wahoo oh oo wow
good bye to no one

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