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  1. Random Blog

    Posted 04/13/13 2

    Is it just me or is this website looking 10x hawter than usual? xD Read More »

  2. Merry Christmas!!! c:

    Posted 12/24/12 0

    Hey Guys!!!!!! Merry Christmas!! :D So what are y'all plans for the holidays & what presents did you get? :D i'm just gonna be home with my family chilling with some Icecream (yeah i know i'm lame oh gawsh (/.\) ) & i got me a new android, clothes & some other junk xD Read More »

  3. Doodes like Holy freakin Brown Cow I cant believe its 1 year already :OOO I gotta admitt, this was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!! Seriously!! I remember a year ago when there was a Tinychat in the "Community" list. that day really changed my life I remember that my friends Molly & Josh were the first people to go on webcam and start talking and answering questions then the day when chat crashed... Read More »

  4. School Sucks

    Posted 09/07/12 0

    ..........yeah ^ teehee :'3 Read More »

  5. Keek?

    Posted 07/28/12 0

    DO ANY OF YU GUYS HAVE A KEEK? Christina Grimmie made a Keek omg :OOOO I bet Tyler forced her to do it xD Read More »

  6. Twiitter? :}

    Posted 06/18/12 5

    I wanna Follow Every person from Team GRimmie on Twitter :'3 Do you guize have one? :) Leave a comment & I'd gladly follow you..... LOve you Team Grimmie, Baiii ! ^.^w Read More »

  7. Yep June 14th marks 1 year :) No amount of words can express how grateful I am to hear music as amazing as Christina's Read More »

  8. Anyone has a Youtube? :]

    Posted 05/20/12 2

    Hey hey Team Do you guys have any youtube channels? I'd love to Sub y'all & see what you guys got :) Write your Channel name below :D Read More »

  9. I got Information Technology finals tomorrow and i need all the prayers (not Luck guys..PRAYYYERSS) that you guys can do for me :) See, if i dont pass all my subjects then i wont be able to head to London for Christmas to meet my Team grimmie buddies So please, i ask of all of you to pray for me. Love you all :) Bye Read More »

  10. New Cover :]

    Posted 04/10/12 0

    Title says most of it :D Click to watch here :) Read More »

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