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  1. There are people in the world who have no money, who have to live on benefit, who have 55 dolar a week .... it has not always dealing with an expensive phone ... or an expensive computer ... A simple word like I love you is enough. So people remember there are people who have a much worse life than we do, be happy with what you have. remember, there are three words that have no price... Read More »

  2. The chat is no longer the same as it was .... bit sad when does the chat on the site do it again? miss the people on the chat! haha Well I go to sleep! I speak to you again soon ''I hope'' sleep well or have a nice day bye bye -Kimbo quote of the day Accept what you can not change, but change what you can not accept. Read More »

  3. chrstina on chat?! hmmm

    Posted 10/17/11 2

    I do not get it, christina has done a chat on her site but my computer still gives that error ... maybe the chat is only working on it When is christina? - Kimbo - Read More »

  4. just read it lol

    Posted 10/16/11 0

    I have a day off tomorrow ..! then, from Tuesday to Sunday work ... pfff haha my life is hard, but that choice I made ??myself. Tuesday we have a new menu at work! I'm looking forward to it ..! and I've got a new bike from my father for my birthday! my old bike was completely broken! as the light was broken haha. I'm very happy! enough about bikes or a new menu ... How is... Read More »

  5. well im back from my work!! yeah!! and know im chatting on the tinychat ... but one things my cam still wont works!!!! somebody please help me with this code i get when i wanna put my cam on oo instruction 0x1c415889 referenced memory at 0x00000000. a read or write operation on memory failed: read. what is that mean!!!!! ive tride so much but it still wont work! thanks... Read More »

  6. two days, and the chat does not work! i miss it! and of course I miss the people I've met too! haha you guys rawwk! I'm going back to work, and hope that tonight when I get back to the chat does it again! I wish everyone a nice day! All success in school, do your best! Bye everyone! See yaa! -Kimbo- Read More »


    Posted 10/12/11 6

    what can you do with the points do you get each time? Read More »

  8. Who loves this song to?

    Posted 10/12/11 1 Team grimmie rocks! Read More »

  9. chat friends!

    Posted 10/12/11 2

    Well this is my second blog, I will do my best to minimize spelling mistakes! but do not hate me if my syntax is incorrect. I hope that soon the chat will do it again ... because I've met some nice people on the chat, and if you keep it a little contact with the people you will never meet in real life. now even when my webcam is not working ... Thanks for reading my blog, if there are... Read More »

  10. Pfff... we miss you chat!

    Posted 10/12/11 5

    Dear chat, will you be back soon because we miss you! -kimbo- Read More »

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