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  1. The Bloggity: (PE3)

    Posted 10/13/11 0

    This is another from a very long time ago. These next few bloggity PEs will be from years ago. So I hope you enjoy and I love feedback. What Would You Do? I'd travel by plane, by train, and by car Just to get to how far you are I know what they're thinking But it isn't that hard If I were to do that What would you do? Would you find me By plane, by, train, and... Read More »

  2. The Bloggity: (PE2)

    Posted 10/12/11 3

    This is just one poem from a LONG time ago.... Dreams Do Come True Just living in a fantasy Realizing maybe, we're supposed to be Maybe it's just a dream Becoming as real as it seems In my head; I just want you to realize And see through my eyes I have hope that one day It'll be you and I Lying under a star-lit sky Not giving a damn about the time And... Read More »

  3. How do I know that you care? How do I know you're really there? How do I know it's your life you'll share? Do you want to take me with you when you go? Why won't time go slow? Do you love me, or is it just a show? I sat alone again today. Why is it me you betray? When do I get a say? You hit me again... It's myself I can't defend. I'm waiting for the end. Day... Read More »

  4. HEY! So, as we all may know, the CHAT ROOM is a great way to add people as friends and get to know people with similar interests that you have! So far, I have 19 friends, and it's still RAISING! thank you CG for creating this site so each of us can make friends! I wish you all the best of luck on this internet adventure!! RAWWK ON!! ~Kirsten Read More »

  5. Hey, everyone! How are you all? Well, as probably obviously stated by the title of this bloggity, I need fascinating ideas for my YOUTUBE channel! ( ) So, here's one idea I have... 1.) You guys, or other YOUTUBE uses ask me 20 questions, and I'll answer them. So long as they're appropriate/ if I'm comfortable answering them... Read More »

  6. To: Christina Grimmie

    Posted 10/11/11 0

    Dear Christina, Hi! I just wanted to let you know how proud of you we ( your fans) are. Although I hope this is true for everyone, I can only speak for myself. I have followed you on Youtube and Facebook since you've started and I am amazed with how far you've come. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope to meet you someday. Come to Augusta or Atlanta, GA and hopefully I'll... Read More »

  7. Chat room

    Posted 10/11/11 1

    Wow, so, my first day on the site and I've made 9 friends, doesn't seem like much, but for it being 5 AM it is decent. lol. I've met a lot of people from random places, like scotland, new zealand, california, so on... pretty awesome eh? I hope to continue making friends and interacting with other Grimmie Fans.... So Rawwk onn! ~Kirsten Read More »

  8. Wewt

    Posted 10/11/11 1

    Hello Christina and other Team Grimmie Members! So, How is everyone? I am working on getting 2 new jobs, so I won't update for a bit (Sorry!> Read More »

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