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Posted 05/27/12 By: breannajoyyy

Well, i really love to sing, so for my 6th grade promotion gift...I GETTA YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!! yay :3 -derp-
AND... i have an account on a website called my user name on there is MusicSwag and its a really cool website. You can start new clubs on celebrities, or you an join a club...obviously ive already joined Christina Grimmies club -epicface-
ANYWAYS thats all!
OH!!! And another site that i go on is... KIDS ONLY, BTW, called
its for kids ages 6-18 (i would say) but ony like, 4 other old ppl have joined... but yea. its a cool site, nd we all talk about nintendo, the 3ds, the ds, dsi, ds lite, etc, and really random stuff!! You can go on and search '3DSPlaza chat rooms' to see what we talk about. Our user names are pretty fun/funny...
wow, i totally didnt mean for this blog to be this long, but if you read it, you are friggin AWESHUM!!!
i used my RaWWk Fingers to type this
BTW...(sorry, just one more thing)
how many of you have RaWWk Fingers, eh?
THATS ALLLLLL, MY SWAGGIES (girls) AND SWAGGERLINIES (boys and its pronounced swag-er-lean-ies)

Heer ar sum links to my 3DSPlaza account & fanpop

3dsplaza is 3DSPlaza BREannas profile

fanpop is MusicSwag's profile

kk, lov_yu lots 4 life

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