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  1. Anyone out there?

    Posted 11/26/13 4

    I'm making this a blog because I don't know where to put this. Ever since Facebook introduced timelines, I have no idea what happened to Team Grimmie since we all split off into different groups. Now it almost seems like Grimmians don't talk about Christina anymore...and yet, I know that's not true. I mean, no one even uses this site so where the heck are people having the conversations? Did... Read More »

  2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It's got cinnamon swirls in every bite! Read More »


    Posted 02/21/13 3

    That is all. Read More »

  4. So far I got 1400+ stalkers---er i mean views...whether that's a lot or a little on this website, i'd say that's a bit too much how many views (stalkers) do yu guys have? Read More »

  5. Title.Says.All Read More »


    Posted 03/06/12 0

    Team Grimmie is like a big, badass nation so let's pitch in, shall we? Please spare about 30 minutes of your time to watch and share this video! Don't shy away from it. Take part, save lives, and be a hero ohohoho >:{D *curls mustachio* Read More »

  7. It's been a while...

    Posted 02/18/12 2

    Sup guys. Hmm...there's a lot of people on this site that I haven't seen before, makes me wonder how many popular Grimmians I know...and found out that I'm apparently a popular blogger here? So confused. Well anyway, hi :) Read More »

  8. I've only been a member of Team Grimmie since April-ish, but I've dedicated A LOT of time to make it feel as if I was a member for years! But let's get one thing straight, when people officially become 'famous' they tend to get much much busier. Sure, Christina might post a video once in a while, but she'll be caught up in a whole new world that will make her extremely busy. You know how... Read More »

  9. I just realized...

    Posted 10/23/11 13

    Putting aside the few Grimmians who actually hang out with Christina and video chat with her, I just realized: 1-out of my 40-ish drawings for Christina so far, about 90% of them actually got a reply from her 2-she actually liked some of my comments on her status 3-she replied to my reply to her reply 4-I've made her laugh (refer to 2 and 3) 5-She said my full name in a comment... Read More »

  10. 262 views...

    Posted 10/23/11 10

    So who are the 262 people that check out my profile?...HMMM??? I bet you all ask this very same question xD Read More »

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