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  1. Hello there guys! I hope I can get this out to as many people as possible.. A few weeks ago me and my friends made this page on facebook called "Second Sign" and what we do is find new bands that have great talent but have not yet been discovered or are not as famous as they deserve to be. PLEASE! if you would help get this page noticed. Everry artist we put out deserves the fame. Thank You... Read More »

  2. UPDATE! D: (saddddd)

    Posted 12/09/11 9

    Well sorry guys, Im never ever on here anymore D: I've been VERY busy aha. So I've decided to post a life update -.- Everything seems to be going downhill, my father is going bankrupt, my brother is in prison, my depression is coming back, my doggy died, and the worst thing is I have the possibilty of getting cancer :/ D: But Ima not let that get me dwn ^-^ Hows all the... Read More »

  3. YOU HEARD IT FOLKS! 1 million comments! Do you think its possible?! Read More »

  4. Please someone view my profile and change thatt, its scary D: Read More »

  5. Finally back on here lol

    Posted 10/22/11 2

    Kso ive been away for a few days and i probably wont be on here very often now :/ but im back for now! Read More »

  6. Break Ups Suck

    Posted 10/20/11 9

    Thats all I have to say for tonight. Goodnight. Read More »

  7. OK, so today I hung out with someone and I'm not sure if she likes me or not O_O So PLEASE post your thoughts on this? Started out she got out of school and we began hanging out instantly, we was with a bunch of friends hiding from the rain. Then Me, Her, and one of our close friends went and hung out at the park in the little gazebo things. we sat there for a few hours talking and then our... Read More »

  8. New Poem ^-^ (LOL BORED)

    Posted 10/19/11 8

    Roses are red Cows are brown I cant sleep Because I have insomnia! :D Read More »

  9. 30 hours, no sleep.

    Posted 10/19/11 1

    Well, my insomnia has gotten even worse it seems O_O I literally can not sleep D: Anyone want to bring my some warm milk and cookies and read me a bedtime story? hahaha. Read More »

  10. :3 mwuhahahahaha Read More »

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