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    Posted 11/19/11 2

    I have nothing to is out of alone..i was drunk yesterday..and now,i have a stupid headache..gehh..what to do...what to do... Read More »

  2. Depressed..again

    Posted 11/11/11 3

    yup...well...its a long story on WHY im depressed..but,yeah..i havent eaten in days,i feel like crap,and i havent talked physically for a few weeks..gah...that's all,I guess. Read More »

  3. guess what I am for halloween?go on,guess!:D....fool,you didn't guess.xDhahah,well,might as well tell you wut I am.Imma.....NERD...yup.epic,right?This may sound wierd,but everyone says I look hott in my costume...and now,i'm starting to think so too...o_e...lolz.That'll be all. Read More »

  4. Depressed

    Posted 10/27/11 3

    ugh..idk where this came from..i was happy,then,BANG!depression strikes:/I'm sure i'll cheeer us soon...I hope:'( I've been watching videos on Youtube about suicide stories 'n stuff,and the video I could relate to most was''Meet Jade''if you have time,please watch it.I HATE when im depressed.I know I shouldn't cut..believe me,im trying to stop.*sigh*I sometimes loose hope in... Read More »

  5. yayyy..i taught myself how to play my favorite song on guitar today Read More »

  6. Angel

    Posted 10/24/11 0

    im so glad you like me..cuz' i like you too:) Read More »

  7. Angel

    Posted 10/24/11 0

    im so glad you like me..cuz' i like you too:) Read More »

  8. Guys

    Posted 10/23/11 4

    I just wanted to get this out I the only one who finds guys with black hair and blue eyes,cute?lol Read More »

  9. Mah hair

    Posted 10/23/11 0

    Just straightened my hair.Gehhh,I hate having wavy hair..with a passion.xDhahah Read More »

  10. Day Of The Dead

    Posted 10/23/11 3

    okayyyy,so,last night I went to Hollywood for a event.its called 'Dia de Los Muertos' aka,day of the dead.I went with my family and got to see all of the traditional dances the people do on that night.It was bizzare and very festive.People were dressed up left and right.It was one day that ill NEVER forget:)not to mention,getting a in-n-out burger late at night.xD.hahaha Read More »

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