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  1. Sadie Hawkins dance!!!!!!

    Posted 01/21/13 2

    This is a dance where the girls ask the guys. I'm planning on asking my guy, but I want to make it clear that were just going as friends since I can't date until I'm 16. any advice as for making that clear AND how to have fun with him at the dance? (learning cool dance moves, actually getting him to dance, ect) Read More »

  2. Yeah christina grimmie is going idol!!!!!!!!! Woot woot christina you are my idol in a way, you are a terrific role model. Thank you keep rawwkin on. PS: TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWKS Read More »

  3. Freakin out

    Posted 08/14/12 2

    So for the past couple weeks i have been FREAKIN OUT because CHRISTINA GRIMMIE is coming to my town and i CANT FIND TICKETS!!!!!!!!! Shes playing at the 1st bank center and if any one knows how to get tickets PLEASE HELP ME. Read More »

  4. Story!!

    Posted 08/08/12 1

    So my story is coming along quite well i hope it will be good! It might have to be a series but i dont know if i could do 3 books. Do u think its would be weird if i wrote a series of 2 books? PS: TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWKS Read More »

  5. Pottermore!!!

    Posted 07/25/12 2

    Yay! i got a Pottermore account! now all i need to do is wait for my email. ;) Read More »

  6. Batman shooting

    Posted 07/21/12 2

    As some of u may have heard there was a shooting at the midnight premiere at the dark night rises, so far they've confirmed 13 dead, around 30 people injured. if u do, please keep these people and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Also, on facebook, posts have been going around about Christian Bale coming to CO to see the people injured from the shooting and give them support. He may... Read More »

  7. Stowy!!!!

    Posted 06/18/12 2

    Hey so its ben awhile since ive been on here but i have been writing!!! Unfortuneatly i will no longer be posting parts of it on here for fear of it being copied. I will still give u updates thou!!!! Dashs weapon/ gift from his dad shall be a necklace charm, a Fabere' egg! But in a charm. ;) Read More »

  8. My story Part 1

    Posted 04/23/12 10

    Dash stared blankly at his math homework, then crumbled up the paper and threw it into his wastebasket. Apart from him struggling with math on a regular basis , Dash had been distracted ever since his discovery. Last night while exploring the forest outside his backyard, he sound an extraordinary band of trees that were intertwined together into a circle. He desperately wanted to examine it... Read More »

  9. Story?

    Posted 04/14/12 4

    Ok so lately ive been writing a story. It is my ultimate dream to be an author of books, so what would you guys think if i posted a little bit every week or so? Please comment below! Thanks ^.^ Read More »

  10. I need a new blog!

    Posted 03/25/12 2

    Ahhhh!!!!??!! I haven't been on here in a reallllly verrry long time. I feel bad ;( I sowy christina. Anywayyyy has anybody seen the Hunger games yet????? IT WAS FANTASTIC. If you haven't seen it or read the book, read the book, then go see the movie. ;D Read More »

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