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  1. Obsessed??

    Posted 02/09/12 11

    Nah i just have the tshirt, and the wall full of posters, and the headphones, and follow her on twiter, liked (and stalk) her facebook, subscribed to youtube (duh!) member here, brought her album, downloaded all her covers, have the laptop background, spell stuff properly ie. kewl, rawk ect. Tried the poof (it failed), know all the moves and lyrics to AATIR 1-4 (AATIR 5 COMES OUT... Read More »

  2. Grrrr

    Posted 12/13/11 5

    Dear whoever set off the fire alarm twice today in school time Thanks for keeping meh standing outside in the cold and rain for no reason what so ever -_- Yesh yu wasted my break and lunch time i hope yur happy So yeh rant over, just thought i would share this because i havnt blogged or made an effort to be sociable for a while. BYEEEE \m/ Read More »

  3. Gorgeous Grimmie ^.^

    Posted 11/27/11 4

    Soo guess who was voted top 10 best dressed of the week??? Christina Duhh, for her stunning dress at the AMA's (Just in case yu didnt see) Teen.com reports... ^.^ Read More »

  4. This website rawks

    Posted 11/24/11 8

    The awkward moment when the Christina Grimmie site is better than facebook ^.^ \m/ Read More »

  5. AMAs ^.^

    Posted 11/21/11 0

    Im in England so ive only just soaked up all the ama news! Didnt Christina look so beautiful and classy?! Both her performances were so gd i cried :') She defiantly deserves her award ^.^ Oh and thanks team for making my 50 friends and 1000 points today ^.^ so to all my buddies hiya hows it going??!! Luv ya team \m/ Read More »

  6. New videos...

    Posted 11/20/11 2

    Anyone else getting really impatient? I know shes busy but she hasnt posted a vid on youtube for agggeessss >.< Read More »

  7. Important stuff

    Posted 11/19/11 5

    Yo guyss, I wanted to share some stuff so 'ere we go.... As much as i love you CG website yu dont have to email me when i comment on my own stuff k thx byee Ahhhh im British so the dates are kinda backward on here we say it as the Day/month/year and its confusing meh! ^.^ Are we officially 'Frans' or 'Frands' cuz on the vid that she made it up it was 'frands' but ive seen alot... Read More »

  8. Whos Christina

    Posted 11/19/11 4

    Is she the user 'Christina' with like 14000 and something views at the start of the users page???? Cuz she hasnt posted anything or commented anywhere and then there are things written by 'User' that i thought was her for a bit. Anyone know atall?? ^.^ thx team \m/ Read More »

  9. So there is a blog out there asking as many people to comment on it as possible as they wanted to have a blog with tons of comments..... Thought i would help out so i commented alot. Then it stopped giving me points D: have i broken it???? Im sorrryy i didnt mean to unfairly gain loads of points please say i havnt broken it forever!! Really regret it now cuz i know it annoys people, im really... Read More »

  10. AMA award ^.^

    Posted 11/15/11 1

    Couldnt be happier the AMA's are recognising internet artists sooo Christina is a Female New media honouree ^.^ check out the page :D Exclusive: Christina Grimmie Receives Honor from American Music Awards Read More »

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