How It Is To Lose Someone You Love

Posted 11/21/11 By: Olav

Sorry if my English is not 100% correct. Im 14 Years old, and from Norway. And i wrote this on my Iphone.

Dear all fans.

Im writing this, and asking for a cover from Christina. I hope you will read this Chistina, and hear me. Because, my request is very special. Its based on a tragedy. Somthing who happend to a girl. This summer.

I have been thinking asking for a cover, but i havent been ready yet, the memories are too close.

The song i want you to sing, is Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. The rEason beyond this cover, is based on my best friend.

And, i just want you to know. The cover of "Your Song" made me cry.

It was a warm day in July. I were with my best friend, i remember how happy i were. I had plans to asking her out today. I liked her, and i were pretty sure she liked me to. But no one had taken the next step.. I thought i should so it.

Anyways, we were relaxing, walking around in Oslo. We went home, and went to the soccer field. Not to play soccer, but just to relax. It was realy warm, and she asked if i would join for a bath in the river.

We went down to the river, and the water were realy active. I told her, that i didnt want to jump out, and i told her to not jump out. I told her, several times. But she didnt listen, and jumped.

She waved around with her arms, and started screaming for help. The water took he under several times. I needed to find a phone. Someone who could call the police. The ambulance. Im still thinking about if i took the right choice. Should i tried to do more? But what could i do?

I found a man with a phone. He called the police, they were there 10 minutes after. When they arrived, were she probably dead.. They started a search for her, but because of the high water activity, they found her the next day.

I remember when they found her. I was there, i was there all of their time looking for her. I wont tell you how she looked, because you dont want to now how it is to see your best friend, wich you had plans making your girlfriend, the girl who always were happy, dead.

I run around, looking for someone. Someone whith a phone, because i didnt got mine. But in the time i had made the call, and the ambulance were there, was he dead.

I've been going to a psychologist for a while. But it doesnt help. Ive been far down. Ive been really close to killing my self. Ive closed everyone out. I didnt let anyone in.

I might look okay, but think about your heart as a paper. Now smash it. Then straight it out again. The paper will never be as it was. Think of my heart as a paper, and i hope you will understand.

But maybe the worst of all. I didnt get to tell her i loved her.

I thought it all was my fault. Why i didnt jumped after her.How could i let her jump? Why didnt i wear a phone?

I've got a memory for my life. In a minute, my world turned upside down.

- If you are there, somewhere.. Up in the sky.. I know youre with me. And you will always be.

So please Christina, do this cover for me. It would mean so much to me. And it would have ment so much to her. She were a huge fan too. She inteoduced me for you.

Thanks all Team Grimmie fans, for listening to me.

- Outside i look well, inside its like hell.
- Olav (14).

  1. Olav avatar

    On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 10:15 AM, Olav said:

    Thanks for the replies.

    Its been over 4 months, its hard.. But life has to go on!

  2. CGrimmieFTW avatar

    On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 1:56 PM, CGrimmieFTW said:

    I'm here for you man

  3. Cheyena avatar

    On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Cheyena said:

    im here for you!! and i will help you out! thats so sad!

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