No Way.. Guitar Broken :(

Posted 11/26/11 By: Olav

ARGHHHHH My Fender Stratocaster is broken!!!!!

The neck is totaly F*CKED! :(((

Its the inly "useable" electroc guitar i got, the other one is like playing with a potato!

And im soo tired of playing on acoustic :S Not even acoustic WITH an aplifier!

Why mine guitar!?

It like just destroyed itself by falling on the floor, totaly random :( So angryyyyy so saaaad >:(

And, its sunday tomorrow.. Yipee, cant bring it to the store, its closed. Monday? haha, school untill 15.10.. -.-"

I need.. that guitar.. NOW!

(Anyone wanna send me a new one? Its a fender stratocaster, producesd in Mexico. White. If u want tot send me an amplifier to, i prefer 80 W.)


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