A Sad Christmas. A Sad New Year.

Posted 11/30/11 By: Olav

Well.. Tomorrow is it 1st December. Another year is closing up. Another christmas is closing up. Another new year. This should be the happiest time of the hear. But not this year. It will be a christmas. It will be a new year, but not as last year, or the tear before that, and etc..

If i say i live in Norway. In Oslo, do you guys get it?

I have noted two dates. 12. July 20.11. 22. July 2011.

I wrote in an earlier blog that i lost a friend this summer. She drowned. But i lost many more friends. Alle of them were killed. Shot down. On a youth camp. A youth camp for young politicans, whos fighting for democracy.

Out of 77 people, died 5 of my friends. In a small country like Norway, everyone had connection to one of these 77, or ome of the 600 whi were on Ut√łya. Either a brother, a friend, a friend of the family or other connections..

So this christmas will be different..
This new year will be different..

I cant go on the yearly christmas shopping with all my friends. Ofcourse will we go out bying presents to each other, but someone will be missing. Forever. They died so young. Why them?

I will celebrate the new year as always. But not the same way as last year. Someone will be missing here too. I am going to a party, and we have already decided, 1 minute of silence, for our friends, and all the victims of the terror on 22. July 2011.

Yes, it will be Christmas. It will be new year. But it wont be the same. It wont be as fun as the last years. It will never be. Because someone's missing. And they will never come back.

- Olav

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