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  1. Stupid Blog

    Posted 09/21/12 12

    Ummm obviously no ones gonna comment cause nobody gets on.. Ugh I never look forward to check my account on here anymore -.- it's boring. Someone should like inbox me. Anybody wanna be my friend? Watch me get no comments on this and it'll make me look stupid ahaha Much Love Read More »

  2. It's my Birthday!

    Posted 09/02/12 5

    It's my birthday! I'm 15 hahaha but I bet no one cares so uh, bai... Much Love Read More »

  3. Any survivors out there?

    Posted 08/17/12 4

    Did everyone die???? Lmao this website is so boring now, why log on? There's nothing to do.. NO OFFENCE Much love Read More »

  4. The Hunger Games

    Posted 03/24/12 7

    so yesterday i went to go watch The Hunger Games cause im a big fan and the movie was amazing.... it was, i dont know it was just awesome! O_O i loved it, ahaha Read More »

  5. Piano

    Posted 03/17/12 1

    oh my gawd its been a while since i've blogged! ahaha so today my dad bought a new piano so i was like "OOOOHHHH DAD, CAN I USE IT?!?!" and so i decided to try and learn the song Liar Liar by the one and only Christina Grimmie :) but i have NO IDEA how to play piano so i looked up a few videos on youtube and the only thing i know how to play is barely the intro... just like 5 chords...... Read More »

  6. Quote

    Posted 03/05/12 2

    Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feet it. Read More »

  7. Uh, hai?!

    Posted 03/05/12 0

    hei guize! I'm bored so umm comment? gawd im sick! I do not feel good whatsoever :P omg guess wat?! a friend of mine on here said I taste like pie! :D ahahaha anyways i have to go do homework ugh... Then I have to do chores.... My life sucks right now. I don't think I'm ever happy.. K bai guys :) Read More »

  8. I just love this video

    Posted 02/20/12 2 so call me maybe... Read More »

  9. WWE wrestling

    Posted 02/17/12 2

    love me, love me say that you love me, fool me, fool, me, oh how you do me, kiss me, kiss me, say that you miss me, tell me what i wanna here, tell me you love me... hei guise! its meh The Scene! but i think you know that O_o sooo, who watches wrestling!? you know, WWE? because i do! and im wearing my Randy Orton shirt right now.... today when i got home, my brother surprised me with a CM... Read More »

  10. Valentines Day SUCKS!

    Posted 02/14/12 7

    so today is just a regular tuesday ppl sooo Happy Tuesday! im forever alone, my friends are jerks, and im kinda grounded which is weird cause my mom never ever grounds me lol just cause i dont do chores i cant use the laptop.. im using mah psp so shhh! so uh, basically valentines day sucks and no one wants to be my valentine.. so im just gonna ask, anyone wanna be my valentine? maybe a boy?... Read More »

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