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oh my gawd its been a while since i've blogged!
ahaha so today my dad bought a new piano so i was like "OOOOHHHH DAD, CAN I USE IT?!?!" and so i decided to try and learn the song Liar Liar by the one and only Christina Grimmie :) but i have NO IDEA how to play piano so i looked up a few videos on youtube and the only thing i know how to play is barely the intro... just like 5 chords... FAIL... BUT HEY! IM STILL LEARNING! anyways, who knows how to play an instrument? the instruments that i REALLYYYY want to know how to play are the piano and guitar. My bro can play guitar ahaha but he won't teach meh, but one day he will! jk, no hes not.. k uh, bai guize!

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    On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Emlovemusic said:

    Yay!! ^^ I wanna learn tooo! :D Anyway did yu find how to play "liar liar" on youtube?? Piano n' guitar are the best, Rawwk on buddy! :D

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