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  1. Hmmm

    Posted 11/20/11 0

    Oh hey whats up !! Read More »

  2. Yea Im Mad !!!

    Posted 11/10/11 3

    i tried sending christina grimmie a friend request over Xbox Live to play MW3 with her but her friends list is full of course.. yea this is a dumb blog but oh well lol Read More »

  3. Crazy ass Dream !!

    Posted 11/02/11 6

    Alright.. so earlier today i was watching the buried life on netflix and took a little nap after watching it because i hardly got sleep and im pretty sure most of you have seen that show. Well you know how they have a list dong things that they wanna do before they die and they always ask a stranger what they want to do before they die ? My dream was that i was the stranger and they asked me... Read More »

  4. i have no friends on here,yea that kinda sad =( if you wanna be friends feel free to send me a friend request but i doubt that's gonna happen, im down to talk to anyone about anything..Lets see..... im a super chill person, i like talking to people and hanging out with friends.... yea i don't know what else to put but if you have any question i guess you can message me and if you wanna... Read More »

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