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Posted 06/09/12 By: Rockandsab

Today, i was in downtown with a friend, and a weird guy came to us, stole the cap and the watch of my friend and tell us to run and shut up or he'll kill us ! Maybe, right now, if the guy killed us for real i wouldn't be here ! So, please, enjoy every single moment of life, coz we dont know when something can happen.

Love You Team Grimmie

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    On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 4:45 PM, GoldenEagle200 said:

    that's crazy i'm sorry to hear that :( i got my phone stolen from me when i was 14 :(...had a knife on him....funny cause knives are illegal if it doesn't fold...or if it does doesn't lock and has to be at the max of 3 inches long....which is funny cause if you outlaw weapon then only the outlaws will have weapons....a concept england failed to grasp and now it's too late....sorry to hear about what happened team grimmie is with you :D \ | /

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