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  1. Tears ! :'(

    Posted 11/23/11 5

    So it turns out . . . . CHRISTINA'S MOVING ! :/ But! I have good news too, this is NOT the end of the Above All That Is Random series, we will very much keep those songs alive. (: We're not sure how we'll do it yet, but we will DO EHT! But, truth is, I'm gonna MISSSSSS that chickiepoo so much. I'll always remember our fun little parties, ANDD seeing her in tour! Even... Read More »

  2. School ! :/

    Posted 10/19/11 11

    SOOO. I'm so bored in school. Like right now. On my laptop. And I haven't been on in a while. WAZZZUPPPP YOU GUYSSSSSSSSS ?! xsarAH Read More »

  3. Thanks ! (:

    Posted 10/17/11 9

    WOW. I've got 64 friends and almost 700 points and i've been here for a day and a half. YU GUYS ARE AWESOMEE ! Read More »

  4. Just clearing it up. (:

    Posted 10/17/11 2

    Okay guys, this user is NOT me. Christina Grimmie User: Sarah Happlesful This is my only Christina Grimmie account, guys. Same with my youtube, that's the only youtube i've got. Don't hate on her, just clearing things up! BYEEE #TeamHapplesful Read More »

  5. YAAAY.

    Posted 10/17/11 3

    Today's nerd day at school. :P I'm going to make the CUTEST nerd ever. Haha. Read More »

  6. Blah. :/

    Posted 10/16/11 15

    soooo i really wanna go on tour with Christina...and perform the Above All That Is Randoms. vote? Read More »

  7. Team . . . . . . . ?

    Posted 10/16/11 14

    Whose team are YOU on? I'll be the judge of that. ^.^ Take the quiz! 1. Favorite Song 2. Favorite Singer 3. Favorite Animal 4. Favorite Movie just a fun little thing. diddly-doo. (: Read More »

  8. HOLYCOW!?!?!?!?!

    Posted 10/16/11 5

    I've TIED points with Selena Gomez! Cool right?! HOLYY BROWNN COWWW . i love elfs. no kidding. #teamhapplesful xsarAHx Read More »


    Posted 10/16/11 5

    So im all alone in the house today . . I'M HAVING A PARTY. You want to come? You've got to be an elf though. Sorry. haha. KIDDING. My mom would kill me if i had a party. Anyways. I ATE A BUNCHHHHHH of candy today. A bunch. And im hyper. Later i'll be sick, but OHWELL, right? Right. :) By the way, this blog is pointless. #teamhapplesful Read More »

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