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  1. What is music for you?

    Posted 11/10/11 3

    To some people music is everything, it is the outward expression of a man of his emotions and feelings. To others its only a thing which could make them feel relaxed. But to me, music is what binds me closer to my younger siblings. Yes! We bond in lots of stuff but music is the best thing I could think of. Not only as a remedy of our boredom but also the thing which strengthened our... Read More »

  2. YouTube Musicians Blog proudly presents our very first Team Grimmie T-shirt design contest. Christina Grimmie fans, now is the time to show that we could color the world not only through music but also through our skills in art. Follow the link to be guided by the rules and mechanics:... Read More »

  3. Humor: A Spice In Our Life!

    Posted 10/13/11 3

    Laughter is the best medicine Can you imagine a sea without corals? Or a Christmas tree without decorations? How about a life without laughter? It really is pointless and meaningless. “Laughter is the best Medicine” I am quite sure no one would disagree with that. When was the last time you had a real belly laugh? The kind that makes your sides hurt and makes it hard to breathe air?... Read More »

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