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  1. Hi, my brother and I have been doing covers for a while now and we would like to see your reactions!!! :) This means alot to us!! Please like , comment and suscribe :") Watch them all :D Thank You for your time!!! :D Read More »

  2. Do you like this site?

    Posted 11/05/11 8

    I really like this site not just because it's cool but also for all the AWESOME and COOL PEOPLE I have met here!!! And you? Read More »

  3. How are you doing?

    Posted 10/25/11 4

    How are you people????!!!! Read More »

  4. MelitiaSaysHai

    Posted 10/22/11 0

    Just promoting MelitiaSaysHai's Saturday Night Confessions:D For more info search for her and ask her on her blog!! Take Care!! Read More »

  5. I'm Alive

    Posted 10/22/11 5

    October 21 just passed and we were supposed to die. Well I didn't :D Who else is alive? P.S.: If there is already a blog with this topic I didn't know. Read More »

  6. I know she uploaded this video a day ago so that's why I am asking it now:) I don't know why people are complaining that she changed because for me she is the same Christina I saw a long time ago on youtube! But that's not the point, the purpose of this blog is to let people know what you think about this new cover:D For me it is awesome! So what do you think? Read More »

  7. Heyy! So I was wondering about what the title says^. I mean there should be a lot of funny stories out there on how you did. So this is mine:D I don't recall which video I was watching on youtube but in the related videos was one called "So I met Miley for realz!" from Dave Days I checked it. I laughed so I suscribed. Then I saw " Olive you" by Dave Days feat. Kimmi Smiles immediately I... Read More »

  8. Wouldn't it be awesome if Christina goes on a tour of her own and not just in the U.S. but the whole world. Now that would be a wish come true:) But we will have to wait a little bit, but it's worth the wait. Who else want's her to do a world tour? Read More »

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