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  1. Char Talked

    Posted 11/01/11 1

    And I made her do it!!!!!! Read More »

  2. it was instanly my favorite cover ;) Agree, disagree? Read More »

  3. aznfanta's Chat HAWTNESS

    Posted 10/19/11 12

    So In the unofficial Grimmie chat we have running there are a lot of Beautifully gorgeous girls in there and they won't admit it. So I shall link you to there profile's go tell them they are pretty. :) Sarah's Profile Jaimee's Profile Brenda's Profile Brianna's Profile Molly's Profile Charlotte's Profile And of course our gorgeous guys :) (no homo)... Read More »

  4. My Concert Grimmie shirts.

    Posted 10/15/11 10

    I made these two shirts for the concert, when CG was gonna come to Salt Lake. Anyway I posted these on her FB wall and she saw them and commented and such so it was a BIG make-up since she couldn't go to Salt Lake. Anyway here they are! Here This isn't the one where she commented on, since its lost in the Mountain of posts on her wall. Have you guys made anything for her,... Read More »

  5. Hey Team Grimmie!! I made a Music Video of AatiR 4 and felt like using it as my first blog post. So to anyone who sees this thanks for watching. and the link is here. Yep Click ME!!! Read More »

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