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  1. Big Day Peoples

    Posted 07/14/12 0

    Today Is a Big CONFUSING day. At 2:00 pm witch is 29 minutes from now Is my Aunt Brittneys Graduation.. From colledge xP and i have to go. At 5:00 pm 3 hours and 29 minutes from now is My Bff Jasmines B-Day/Sleepover and all my Bffls will be there and My Aunts house is far away from there and i don't know how I'll get there on time. After i get dropped off the Rest are going over Mike's for a... Read More »

  2. Friday The 13th

    Posted 07/13/12 4

    Every where you go you hear " Friday the 13th" Theres Power outages and Black outs. Thats becuase todays Friday the 13th. Last night the whole Villages Power went out. Can you imagine 4 hours with so light, tv, or Electronics? Not even a Cell Phone! I stayed up all night due to the black out. My sister is lucky that her lap top was charged fully becuase she can't live without that thing. My... Read More »

  3. Classic yet Amazing

    Posted 07/13/12 2

    Hey Team Grimmie! So heres the Chiz, I was the first one to wake up this morning and everyone was still deep into there sleep. And you know what that means? Prank Time! Heheheh, So me and my sisters share a room witch is perfect! I got my ball of rubber bands and took 2 out. Then i took my Package of washable markers i switched the lables washable to perminent to get them thinking i... Read More »

  4. The Strangest Dream Ever!

    Posted 07/13/12 5

    Everybody has dreams, Right? Well I had the worlds STRANGEST dream ever last night! And heres how it went. So it was Friday A.K.A today, and I was walking down the street to my friend Jasmine's house. Then my dad's truck passed by and nobody was driving it and I looked in the back and everyone was dancing to Cotton-Eye Joe Then I finnaly got to Jasmines house. Jasmine... Read More »

  5. Lazy day.

    Posted 07/12/12 0

    Today is a nice day to kick back and beat the heat. 91 *F at the moment. My dads at work, Me and the rest are being baby sat by Dylan -.-' 6:27 PM My dad owns this shop 'Hiltons AutoMotive' He was supposed to be home hours ago. Crossing my fingers for time in the pool. Right now I'm just kicking back, sitting infront of the AC with my laptop..., STILL in my PJ's! I'm so... Read More »

  6. What is summer to you?

    Posted 07/12/12 1

    Hey Team Grimmie, Hailey here! As you my know Summer is here! Summer to me is keeping cool with my besties. Summer to me is freedom! Summer, Is great! What is summer to you? Spam this blog with thoughts, it doesn't matter if someone took yours You can just post it again! Now what Bugs you in summer? Is it the heat or the bees? Well i wanna know :]... Read More »

  7. I'm Back!!!!

    Posted 06/28/12 1

    Hey everyone you may notice that I havn't been bloging lately. I've Been so hung up in school.... and all that.... Anyways.... So It's Summer Vacation and I'm Free!!! I was very happy to see that I've gotten 32 freind requests, and many comments on my blogs while i was gone :) I have some pretty good friends here on C.G.O what more could i ask for? Well this is random... Read More »

  8. Uh oh

    Posted 04/27/12 1

    well i was just making a guetto barbie house for my sister............... all of a suddon my brother shurber cabled me and it sent the knife to cutting open my finger I thought today bwas going to be a good day, friday, last part of math test, seeing war horse in school. GRR That brother is so annoying, my finger hurts ~XxDestinyGoldxX Read More »

  9. Hey guys today is my 14th birthday! YAY!! I'm so happy The best birthday present would be to have a spammer lol So happy Very Happy Extremely happy I just want to scream Any ways i know you're going to Wish me a little happy birthday below Heh heh. Dedicated to beloved Elvis Presely Happy birth day to you your 100 and 2 you died on... Read More »

  10. Become a popular blogger

    Posted 04/21/12 210

    I admit I am Jelous Of all those people with the 1,000,000 comments I bet you guys are too so everyone who comments below this blog i will take one of your blogs and spam you with about 10-100 coments cool right? BTW only people who posted at least 20 coments So i hope you enjoy The expireince of being a popular blogger I am too THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS... Read More »

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