(Firstly I’m from Germany and 13 years old)I knew Christina already in 2015 I only heard her music because back than I was only 7 years old so I couldn’t understand english and so I hadn’t employ myself with herself. I knew from her death because my father told me I thought it’s terrible that this happened. At some point I stopped hear her musik idk why. In September 2021 I heard a song of hers and I thought omg what a beautiful voice. So I started again to hear her music but in the meantime I could understand english better so I looked her YouTube videos bought a book about her life and stuff like that. I found out what a great person she was. I learned from her that you should always chase your dreams and I never judge about a person only because of their external appearance. But the thing what I am most grateful for is the thing that I believe in God. I was never a believer but then I got to know Christina and I started to believe in God. Little by little. She showed me what a support the faith can be. I’m so thankful for that<3 I miss her and I’ll always love her