January 2023 Update

Happy New Year, Team Grimmie! We’re so excited to share everything we have in store for Christina’s legacy this year. We’re heading straight into 2023 “with love!” This August will mark ten whole years of Christina’s first full length album, With Love. To celebrate it, we’re making that our motto for 2023 and have a lot of surprises up our sleeve! To start with, we’ve revamped The Christina Grimmie Foundation’s logo and added some new designs to our merch store… you should check it out! 😉

Aside from this general update, we’ve also finally opened “Grimmie’s Garage” to sell some of Christina’s old merch including physical music! Yaaay! This store is run out of–you guessed it–the Grimmie’s garage. We’ve been overwhelmed and grateful by all of the orders made so far! If you make an order, please be patient with us as Bud and Marcus are working hard on their own to get these items out to you. Thanks for sticking with us!

With Love,
The CGF Team