Betty Grace

I first heard Christina’s voice through her “Just a Dream” cover that was used in a fan made video about two of my favorite cartoon characters. Then I found the video of said cover, and there was something about her that stuck with me, and I later learned that it was more than her voice. I started following her on YouTube and Facebook. I was so ecstatic when I discovered she was a fellow Christian and was very open about her faith. In fact, she had inspired me to continue pursuing my faith in God while going through the trials of college, and she also inspired me to just be my autistic, quirky self. I was always shy to comment on one of her videos, and I was always terrified of going to concerts, but if there was one thing I could do over back in time, I’d get out of my comfort zone and watch her in concert in Chicago. Christina, from what I saw, was a very genuine and kind person, and today she still inspires me to be genuine and kind and quirky. Heck, I’ve been singing to quite a bit of her songs lately, wanting to improve my voice. Thank you, Christina, for being an impact in my life. I’ll see you in heaven… someday :’)