Steven Vargas

I started listening to Christina Grimmie in December 2021 for the first time ever. Her album ‘All Is Vanity’ is my most favorite album by her, and deserves much more recognition. I’ve danced to songs like Back To Life (Dave Aude Remix), Echo, Pressure, Tell My Mama, Sublime, and cried to songs like Little Girl and The Game. All Is Vanity seriously deserves much more streams, and I’m already contributing to that as I stream it everyday on Spotify. Can’t wait for the new song coming out this 2022 from Christina! She gave me amazing songs to enjoy to this past month, which gave me happy moments. I love her music and voice so much! I even shared her songs with my dad, who is 46 and into regional Mexican music, and he liked her music too! Thank you so much Christina for making me happy and for leaving behind an awesome discography that will always be remembered. 💚