Ariel Thevenin

I was about 13 years old when I discovered “little grimmie”. Christina’s sonic poster would always be in her videos. Shorty after, she became a huge part of my life. I downloaded Twitter just for her and became part of her early on fan base. Years gone on & I became close with other “frands” all around the world. Christina made sure she knew that we were loved by her. She even recognized a lot of us from Twitter when we would first meet her. She was and still is so loved. If you had ever got a chance to meet her, you’d understand. She was so passionate about her music, the lord, & her fans. Her love, positivity, goofiness & weirdness would always shine. She will always have a big special piece in my heart. I love you forever, Christina grimmie. ❤️
Love, highturtle1 ❤️