Christina. Wow. Scrub. I miss you so much.
Christina made such an impact on my life and will forever be part of who I am today. I have SO many fond memories of her and with her, but one I love sharing is when I went to see her open for Rachel Platten. I drove 4 hours by myself just to see her and I was so excited to talk to her again in person after years since the Stars Dance tour.
When I walked up to her, I was nervous and she immediately greeted me with “I know you! From Twitter! Kaylee, right?”
It meant the world to me because we had interacted on Twitter a lot and to know she actually remembered me just put me at ease.
I wish we could talk now. I’m less shy and awkward and I know we could’ve been great friends. We are SO similar in humor and personality it’s crazy.
Thank you for everything you did for me. Most of it you don’t know, or didn’t know here on earth at least. But I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in Heaven again some day. Come visit me in a dream soon, ya dingus. I miss you.